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    The innovative DENTTABS provide an effective alternative to conventional toothpaste for naturally beautiful, smoother and cleaner teeth. Thanks to their high content of cellulose, teeth are gently polished, counteracting the formation of plaque, stains and bacteria. The fluoride contained in the formulation is more effective than conventional toothpaste. The use of DENTTABS requires the use of a soft toothbrush - hard scrubbing is a thing of the past.

    DENTTABS are free from: preservatives * germ-inhibiting substances * binding substances * aluminium * nanoparticles * packaging made from cornstarch

    Denttabs were developed by Dentists and are vegan and cruelty-free. They have the COSMOS Natural seal of the BDIH - which is an internationally recognised standard for controlled natural cosmetics. This means Denttabs include no artificially produced fragrances or dyes, contain mostly plant-based or natural ingredients and are produced in a responsible, environmentally friendly way.

    Plastic-free toothpaste that actually tastes like toothpaste and contains fluoride

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