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Sally-Ann Creed L-Glutamine Powder

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Glutamine has been used for many years for a number of things but the best ones are the removal of cravings, weight loss for those who want it, balancing blood sugar, and the ability to repair a leaky gut. Here are a few other really interesting functions of Glutamine according to new research (I take mine daily with Sally-Ann’s Collagen in the morning in my coffee as both are tasteless):

  • Eliminates or significantly reduces cravings for sugar, alcohol and tobacco (I’ve even seen it reduce the desire for hard-core drugs in some clients, as I said – amazing…)
    • Improves metabolism and cellular detoxification
    • Improves blood sugar levels
    • Improves diabetes
    • Promotes muscle growth and helps burn fat
    • Improves the health of the digestive tract, rebuilding and repairing the lining of the gut
    • Helps heal ulcers and leaky gut by protecting the gut from further damage, allowing it to heal
    • As an essential transmitter, glutamine is wonderful for memory loss, focus and concentration.
    • Excellent for improving IBS and diarrhoea by balancing the production of mucus resulting in healthy bowel movements
    • Very good for improving athletic performance and recovery from endurance exercise
    • Prevents muscle wasting (illness, aged, etc)
    • Very little is needed each day – maximum around ½ – 1 teaspoon for reducing appetite and cravings.

The list of what you can expect from L-Glutamine is in fact a long and impressive one.  I also love that it is a precursor to the powerful antioxidant glutathione, made by the liver.  This is our master antioxidant, and is vital for neutralising free radicals which cause damage and disease, and which keeps our liver in tip top shape.  One of the three building blocks for glutathione happens to be glutamine – how’s that? (I stock the purest type of glutamine powder I can find and have endless testimonies from people who tell me how good they feel, no more cravings, weight loss etc.)

Regarding weight loss, animal studies have shown that glutamine helps to stabilise blood glucose levels, sustained energy and a reduction in fatigue.  I’ve often seen this in humans. Glutamine also shortens the length of an infection, improves immunity and reduces time spent in hospital in those with complications from infections.

Stress is an ongoing problem for us all, no doubt about it, causing sustained cortisol release which in turn depletes glutamine. When stressed you would do well to have some extra glutamine in your daily arsenal. Even heavy and/or sustained exercise depletes glutamine, and this is one reason it’s added to sports supplements. Here’s a nice one for you – glutamine increases growth hormone!  Fewer wrinkles, staying younger longer – what’s not to like.

The body uses a lot of this essential amino acid – 60% of skeletal muscle is made up on glutamine. The foods which contain the highest levels include bone broth, grass-fed beef and collagen. Wild-caught fish have some, so does venison.

Glutamine is excellent taken together with Sally-Ann’s Collagen Powder

As written by Sally-Ann Creed

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